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When it comes to examples of young servant leaders in the Bible, there were not many like Daniel. In the face of great adversity, Daniel remained faithful to the Lord. Even in the midst of being taken captive and placed into an unfamiliar place, he used his gifts that God had given to him in order to impact and serve the people that desperately needed God. Among the things that made him stand out were his academics, his influence on the culture and his perseverance.

Daniel Scholars is an urban leadership development program designed to equip and train Chicago students seeking higher education. Daniel Scholars provides support financially, spiritually and socially to students during their time in college. Daniel Scholars exists to not just help students finish college, but to thrive in it. We do this by training students to engage and serve their campuses and communities for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.

Daniel Scholars recruits and identifies students who are committed to being part of an urban leadership development program. Daniel scholars provides the resources and training needed to equip and empower students to impact their colleges, universities and communities for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.


How does Daniel Scholars provide support to its students?


Daniel Scholars provides different forms of financial aid to help students pay for college. Daniel Scholars offers scholarships that range from $500 – $5,000 per Undergraduate year. Students are supported financially in supplemental funding through Church Matching and Educational/Missions trip scholarships.


Daniel Scholars provides students with times of refreshment and encouragement through retreats and social outings. This is a time that we get to serve our scholars through speakers, workshops, team building activities and prayer. Through these events, the students know that we acknowledge and appreciate them. Most importantly, these events bring our scholars closer together through community and support for one another.


Daniel Scholars highly values the importance of students having a coach to mentor them during their time in college. Students have a higher chance of graduating college if they have a support group which will come in the form of an assigned coach to help each student through the difficulties of college. The coaches and students will have regular communication with one another throughout the school year to assist them in any way that they can.


Daniel Scholars believes that four important aspects of being a servant leader is having integrity, perseverance, skill and discipline. Students go through a curriculum focused on training in all four of these characteristics while they are in college.

Daniel Scholars are servants who show


A Godly servant has integrity in all the decisions they make. Integrity is not just how you appear to those around you, but who you are in private as well.


Academics, work and ministry are difficult to juggle. Knowing that your work for the Lord is not in vain is a powerful motivator to continue to persevere.


Just as God gifted Daniel with many skills, we are all gifted and creative in different areas.


College comes with many new responsibilities but also challenges. Success and growth come from being disciplined spiritually, socially and academically.